December 13 tarot card

Your Zodiac Sign's Astrology Horoscope And Tarot Card Reading For 12/13/2017

Your personality is mean for overcoming challenges. You might that there are moments when you're the sound of a reason that another person needs to hear.

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December 13 Tarot Card: The Star (One World Tarot deck) There is so much inspiration and hope out there ~ make a point of thinking and living with optimism . As a December 13 birthday personality, you are flexible, and you are a conscientious worker or leader. You are Your Birthday Tarot Card is Death. This card.

Don't worry about sounding too forceful. That's the role you're meant to play. The Tower Tarot card means that there may be a few mountains to climb. Try not to get overwhelmed.


Not that you ever do, but just in case. Gemini, lead. You are in charge of a few things and of course, with too many things on your plate, your anxiety can kick up into high gear.

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You might need to ask for advice from others, particularly those people whom you trust. The Empress Tarot card means to stay in touch with your feminine side as you work on setting goals for yourself and reaching them. Cancer, you have lots of strengths and ways to use them to help others: friends, organizations, family, etc, but there really is only one thing that will bring you the most joy.

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The World Tarot ard means to pay attention to all the choices you have in front you Which one can you see yourself doing long term? Leo, often you don't MIND being there for a friend in need. In fact, you prefer if a person needs something and you can help, that they call and ask. You don't like being able to lend a helping hand when you know that you can do it. The Strength Tarot card means that you might be sharing your strength with someone in an area that you're really good at.

Virgo, it's not unusual to find you doing several things at one time, the reason no one seems to notice is that you do it so well with ease. The Magician Tarot card means that you many of your skills will be needed today. Projects or shopping that is yet to get done can be tackled today without any problem.

You'll not only know where to hit the best sales but navigate the crowds with finesse. Despite the at-times dark meanings of the cards, she discovered a newfound sense of freedom from her illness in the process. This was a reminder that movement and change is possible and inevitable.

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This is also known as karma, which is the only true […]. The Queen of Swords comes back again this morning as a reminder that when you take a stand and assert your independence you will find that you will strengthen your position as being fully in control over your life and in addition open the doorway for more positive opportunities to enter. Imagination- these are the special qualities of the Wren Celtic animal zodiac. The one direction that the Six of Wands gives when in the reversed position is a reminder that at this time you could be doing more. People who have never had a Tarot reading sometimes are concerned about what I might tell them.

The idea to make a whole new tarot deck, and an accompanying book of new poetry, came to her during a residency at Montserrat in Spain after another performance over a Halloween that same year saw her read poems she'd already written to specific tarot cards.

The outer landscape of Montserrat is every bit as surreal as the inner landscape her Lyme Disease symptoms had conjured up.

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She began contacting artist friends in Berlin in order to commission the cards. I saw it as an opportunity to give a platform to those voices. This also gave her a chance to re-imagine the tarot deck along queerer lines, moving away from its gendered archetypes to a more transgressive aesthetic. Because the Emperor is a lot about rules and structure, and yes there are the rules and structure of patriarchy, but there are also rules and codes that queer cultures use: like using secret codes to show your sexuality in contexts where being queer puts you in danger.

I forgot to add that your advice and insights help enormously.

Life can have its surprising and sudden events as well as challenges that can be vexing. One of the benefits of an Astrology or Tarot Card reading is that it can offer solutions and give concrete guidance and — if done well — put things in an appropriate perspective. I do most of my readings by phone and I normally leave time to book appointments on short notice.

I offer 15 minute readings as well as longer ones. I also do readings for small groups — such as reunions or various types of gatherings. Please get in touch about availability if you are interested. I like to make readings available as they are needed.

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