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A midpoint is a point half way between two planets or other notables.

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For example, "the distance between 0 degrees Aries and 0 degrees Cancer is 90 degrees. Half of 90 is 45, so the midpoint would be located at 15 degrees Taurus. In fact, it is common to use all indirect midpoints at 45 or even Indirect midpoints carry nearly the same energy as a direct midpoint.

Ebertin's influence increased astronomically after the publication of The Combination of Stellar Influences in , in which he gives interpretations for all possible planetary combinations and midpoints. Cosmobiologists, like other astrologers, are consulted for advice in personal and business matters, assisting in medical diagnoses, and in matters regarding fertility.

The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin

There are several reasons for the popularity of pseudosciences such as cosmobiology. The pragmatic fallacy is often committed in such matters because of the relative ease with which one can fit just about any piece of data to the theory.

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The power of attraction between the sexes, artistic interests — Friendship between lovers, a marriage of love, a harmonious marriage. Beyond this, consider Chiron conjunct Jupiter rising in Capricorn. There is always a kind of early difficulty with Capricorn, the conditions are hard at the start and hard-work pays the dividend of eventual emancipation; thus times were hard for the Ebertin family between the wars in Germany, Chiron too speaks of a certain physical sensitivity when it applies to the Ascendant, Jupiter expands that sense also and creates a possibility of ever building compassion and healing ability.

Jupiter rules publishing of course, and Chiron is the astrologer; so the mystery elucidates apace. Consider that by Solar Arc Saturn applies to Moon sometime between the age of 5 and 6, almost certainly therefore the point of physical separation from her. Tee squared Mercury tells an intriguing story, fed by implacable energies in the form of Uranus opposition Pluto, there is a need to express that astonishingly difficult transformative upset somehow.

The opposition falls across the cusps of the 6th and the 12th, which suggests either an impetus to be suddenly hospitalised, imprisoned, or — most pertinently in an evolved case — to execute esoteric and secret work, as a daily habit.

Now on the whole, this is not an easy chart even if Venus gives great power and a mutual reception between Mercury and Neptune gives a gift for communicating the immeasurable. Mercury is itself in a difficult spot in Pisces and it would be this mutual reception which exalted his power of relating so well.

Mars in Virgo in the 8th speaks about an economy of movement, Ed Moses, the greatest m hurdler ever to have graced the track had peregrine Mars in Virgo and the 6th, so that gives you some idea of its ambience. I would have loved to have met this great man so I could see for myself how he actually moved and related.

Economy, precision, efficiency and here in the 8th, the making of an analytic magus, a true researcher of the profound.

Fantastic post. By the way, you ask thought provoking questions, have you ever thought about teaching an on-line class or giving private tutoring? Mercury is challenged deeply in my view, and maybe because of that, will take a strong role in the chart for that reason.

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Reinhold Ebertin (February 16, - March 14, ) was a German school teacher, publisher and astrologer. Contents. 1 Life and work; 2 Family; 3 List of. Reinhold Ebertin, , came to Uranian astrology, and, according to the story, was denied permission to use the new Transneptunians in his work.

Even more, it is Pisces, where is is not happy, and in detriment or fall. Actually, mercury takes a pounding which is very interesting considering that the man is a brilliant writer. Moon does offer a wide sextile coming into Pisces for some support, and Jupiter, while not within orb, should still shine a friendly light into that house, but still….

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It is also waning to a considerable extent, which will further weaken it. Moon rules the 7th, showing possible problems in 7th house matters, and the mother is also shown by the moon, and you have already mentioned problems with her. I also notice that the nodes square the sun within 1 degree, applying. North node in the 10th house has often been associated with fame, notoriety, or infamy, which fits as he is a person of international renown in his field. Again, you already mentioned the mother, no surprises here.

The ruler of the 12th house is rising, which seems to fit with an astrologer and intuitive type person. I would see Jupiter right on the Ascendent as a huge boon to any chart, even when in detriment, and when it is tightly conjunct the wounded healer like this, it is not surprising that his books help so many troubled people, either directly or indirectly.

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Inner planets wise, this seems to be a very earthy watery chart except for the sun which fits with him being a prolific and published writer in the field he is in. Meyrink, Joseph Aug. Lux] Freiburg [Baden]: Fr. Lorenz, I find it interesting that she includes Meyrink in the same lineup as Dante, Goethe, and Nietzsche. Instagram Facebook Twitter.

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Midpoint Structures: Their Use in Cosmobiology and Vibrational Astrology

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