Scorpio and scorpio friendship compatibility love

Scorpio And Scorpio Love Compatibility And Friendship Match

Scorpio man is desired by many women but his elusive heart can only be won by one.

Scorpio Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility

He is not the type to take advantage of his admirers because he takes love seriously. This man is very intense in everything he does and love is no exception. He wants to find the woman who he feels is worthy of his love. When in a relationship, Scorpio wants to be in control so his partner must be submissive. She must be very careful not to ruffle his feathers with actions that will trigger his jealousy.

Winning her is no easy feat but it will all be worth it because this lady loves with all her heart and soul. She gets attracted to ambitious, fearless and intelligent men. When in a relationship, Scorpio woman is utterly loyal, attentive and romantic. She tends to be possessive and controlling of her man because Scorpions are very protective of the people they love.

Charming, intelligent and reserved Pisces is a closet romantic. This man makes a great partner for he is able to sense her desires without being told. He will surely find ways to give all that she wants….. He may look tough on the outside but this man is very sensitive and gets emotionally bruised easily. This man seeks a partner who will protect him from harsh realities of life.

Scorpio matches really well with Pisces. When these two meet for the first time, they will be amazed on how spot on their connection is. Scorpio and Pisces are both intuitive.


Early on in their relationship, this couple will know for sure that what they have between them is beyond special. These two will be lost in their emotions but in a good way. What can rock their boat? Pisces gets easily hurt and Scorpio tends lash out mean words when disappointed or hurt.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

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Scorpio and Scorpio Nature and Nuances:

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Libra compatibility. Scorpio compatibility. Sagittarius compatibility. They also possess a natural psychic ability and may dream frequently. Both will possess deep mystical intrigue with an ability to transform themselves. When any Scorpio hits rock bottom, they have an uncanny ability to heal themselves no matter what the life experience may entail.

They possess the power of regeneration and although it may take quite a long time to reach the healing stage, Scorpio can overcome many transforming obstacles in life.

Scorpio Compatibility

This can have dire results. The energetic forces are Yin and Yang. This is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. The mysterious and intense Scorpio will catch the eye and interest of Aries. Romantic involvement is sure to be met with a huge depth of intensity.

Control or manipulation accomplishes this. When paired together, each of them will eventually learn that their most important life lesson is to release pent up emotional feelings.


Friendship Compatibility For scorpio And scorpio. Man scorpio. Woman scorpio Each friend loves to totally devote himself or herself to the other. However, any. A friendship between a Scorpio and another Scorpio may seem intimidating Some may find these natives to be too intense because they love.

Such an intense approach only ends up causing them loss or regret through a determined resistance and stubbornness. They will often test one another, as they are not the types of individuals who trust easily, and will want you to prove yourself first.

Gemini man and scorpio woman - Gemini man and scorpio woman love compatibility

Scorpio truly dislikes anyone questioning them or knowing their private affairs. Ask a Scorpio anything, but never dictate.

Once trust is gained, the love and approval of their mate will be deeply meaningful and forever. Romantic involvement is sure to be met with a huge depth of intensity. It can be a difficult task for anyone to figure out what makes them tick. Only another Scorpio will know how to relate to this masked persona.